July 1st

London Mayoral candidate George Galloway is taking his hard-hitting campaign to the heart of the City of London’s ‘square mile’, or ‘Treasure Island’ as he dubs it, with a rally next week.

The event takes place at 6pm on Wednesday July 1st at the Railway Tavern in Liverpool Street, where George will be joined by Max Keiser, the host of RT’s massively popular ‘Keiser Report’, to outline his vision for London’s future.

The former Bradford West MP commented: “I will focus on the gross inequalities and shady dealings that have long since turned the ‘square mile’ into a veritable ‘Treasure Island’ for those banksters, financiers and speculators, who have turned financial malfeasance into an ugly art form to the detriment of all other Londoners, who don’t have millions of pounds to play with, and particularly those living in abject poverty within spitting distance of the trading floors and champagne bars.”

Galloway declared his candidacy at the end of May, pledging to “build a city that benefits everyone, not just those dripping in gold.”

“London has for too long been run in the interests of the 1% working in the city’s glittering towers, whilst the vast majority of Londoners feel that their voices are not heard”, he said. “I’m running because I want to represent every piece of the mosaic of this great city, which I have called home for 35 years.”

Galloway has already identified tackling the housing crisis and reform of London’s police forces as two of his key policies, which he will outline in greater detail in this meeting.

This will be a public event, but prior registration is strongly recommended to guarantee a seat. This can be done by emailing:

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Railway Tavern

FROM 18:00 TO 21:00
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